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Updated February 2024


WASATCH CFO MAKES SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECING YOUR INFORMATION A PRIORITY. The Statement of Privacy is applicable to WASATCHCFO.COM and is used to govern any data collected and used. This Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted through an official WASATCH CFO policy or document, relates to WASATCH CFO and includes WASATCHCFO.COM. The website is business company website for the purposes of information and sharing of business news. If you use this website, you give your consent to all the data practices outlined in this policy/statement.


COLLECTION OF YOUR INFORMATION, INCLUDING PERSONAL INFORMATION The collection of personal information including your name may be collected by WASATCH CFO on this website. WASATCH CFO often collects other personal information through fulfilling contracts with WASATCH CFO customers and business partners in the future.

Some information may be collected automatically collected related to your computer, software, and hardware by WASATCH CFO.  This information may include your IP address, access and browsing time, and the programs used to browse and access this site.  The purpose of gathering this information is to keep a high standard of service relating to this website.  WASATCH CFO is only responsible for this website privacy policy, and not any external or third-party website not related to 

PERSONAL INFORMATION – USE OF Personal information is required by WASATCH CFO in partnering with businesses and individuals for contracted services.  WASATCH CFO will never sell or solicit your personal information to third parties.  WASATCH CFO reserves the right to use your personal information for continued communications on WASATCH CFO services, feedback, questionnaires, surveys, or other related communications related to the field of business, accounting, and finance.

 WASATCH CFO will never disclose personal information unless required to by law.  If required by law, WASATCH CFO may not be able to inform you of personal information disclosed.  WASATCH CFO will always exercise the sharing of personal information in good faith that the law requires the disclosure.  If served through legal processes WASATCH CFO may need to comply with the legal process related to information gathered on this site, or through regular business correspondence.



WASATCH CFO safeguards and secures personal information from any unauthorized, unwelcome, or solicitation for access to, use of, or disclosure(s) related to, and will always seek permission before sharing information.

WE USE COOKIES This website may utilize cookies in personalizing a visitors online activity.  Cookies are utilized to enhance user experience related to this website, and are unique to each visitor.  If desired, you may disable the use of cookies.  


THIS WEBSITE UTILIZES GOOGLE ADWORDS This website will use Google AdWords re-marketing to advertise on other (third party) websites. The use of Google AdWords can create multiple forms of advertising on Google’s Display Network.  Because of this, cookies are used for these ads related to prior site visitors.  As a visitor to this site you may always set preferences related to Google’s advertising to you using Google AdWords.


CHANGES TO STATEMENT OF PRIVACY WASATCH CFO can and will occasionally update the Statement of Privacy.  We welcome customer feedback, and use it to improve our Statement of Privacy.  We invite and encourage you to review our Statement of Privacy often.  We take safeguarding your information very seriously.

CONTACT US Please contact WASATCH CFO for any reason regarding our Statement of Privacy


By accessing and using this website you consent to the above Privacy Policy

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